I live on a farm. The water we drink comes from the sky lands on the roof and goes into the tank. The water from school comes a bit from the sky and a bit from town. People in the city buy water and get it delivered and also from a water catchment.

Issues with drinking water are that there may be lots of chlorine in the water you get from town. That you may have a drought. You may have flaking paint on the roof of your house and it may go into the tank. One issue at school we had was a dead animal in the tank and we all got sick.

People access drinking water by the tap, shower, river, lake, dam. At school we get our water from the tap and a drinking fountain. Animals access there water from the trough the water is borel water. Sometimes they can also come from a dam or lake.




Advent Calendar




This is the front of my advent calendar. Each day you click on the next number and it disappears and a pictures come up. The pictures are to do with Christmas.





These are the pictures that are under the shapes.

A Winter’s Tale

On Monday and Wednesday night our school had a production. About A Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare. The production was held in the stadium. In the production I a was snake charmer. We had a  basket each and the snake was in that and we would play the flute. As we got higher the snake came out and we would sway side to side to make it look like it was dancing. The story line. The winter king hated the summer king because he saw the summer king and the winter queen dancing and he thought they were having an affair. So the winter king locked his queen up and the summer king got poisoned. When the winter queen was locked up she had a baby and the winter king said it wasnt his. So the baby got left in the forest the oracles came and got the baby and took her over the sea and when she came back everyone got married. The worst thing about the production was that it was really hot and sweaty but it was pretty good.

Hurricane Sandy In New York

5 links for some more information about Hurricane Sandy