Playing games for a living

  1. How well are some young people doing by playing games? Some of them are making $108000 a year.
  2. Where do they make their money? Working for and putting videos iup on yootube.
  3. What impact has their success had? Impact there is they are getting paid very well.
  4. How many viewers has Elliott Watkins had on youtube? 9 million veiws per month.
  5. How do you make money on youtube and how much can you make? You get $1 for every 1000 views on your video.
  6. What do video game players tend to also be? They are also game viewers.
  7. What is the average age of video gamesters? 33 years old is the average age.
  8. What prize money is being offered for the battle of Data 2? $22 million in prize money.
  9. What is A TV website where people to watch gamers play/view games.
  10. How do you make money with Getting tips and donations off of fans and she gets half of the money.
  11. What games does Sarah play to make money? Call Of Duty and Counter-strike.
  12. How much money does she make? She makes around $100-$2000 dollars each tip so enough to make it her full time job and she also gets 50% of the tips.

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